How to Save Money on Your Wireless Bill Each Month

Although there are many cellular companies operating in the United States, the cost of owning a mobile phone can be high. For example, it is not unusual for the average cellphone bill to cross 70 dollars. The high cost of a monthly cellphone bill is in addition to the purchase price of a new phone, which is often costly. Because cellphones have become a necessity in today’s society, it can be difficult to get by without one. However, there is no reason why you must pay a premium to use your device. There are some steps that you can take to reduce the amount you need to pay each month.

Eliminate Add-ons

The first thing that you need to do after signing up for cellular service is to review your contract. Unfortunately, most people never read the details of their contract, which ends up costing them money. It is not unusual for wireless carriers to automatically sign you up for extra services that you may not need, such as mobile insurance, international coverage and premium customer service access. Removing these add-on services can significantly reduce your monthly bill.

Manage Your Data

For most people, a constant connection to the Internet allows them to check email messages, update their social media accounts and use Internet-enabled apps. However, all of these actions consume data. Instead of exceeding your data allowance each month, you can take advantage of free Wi-Fi hot spots. Coffee shops, libraries and airports are just some examples of places that provide free wireless Internet access. In addition, you can also change the settings in your phone to limit your monthly data usage. For example, you can limit the data usage on an Android phone by opening the Settings menu, tapping Mobile Data and then selecting the Limit Mobile Data Usage check box.

Consider Using a Prepaid Service Plan

Cellular carriers constantly advertise the benefits of the typical cellphone contract, such as the ability to purchase the latest smartphone for substantially less money if you commit to a multiyear contract. As a result, most people acquire cellular service through a contract with a major wireless carrier. However, you can save money by switching to a prepaid plan because of the way these plans are structured. For example, you can select a plan that only provides a set amount of minutes a month, which ensures that you only pay for the minutes that you use. In comparison, many people never use the allotted number of minutes on a contract plan. In addition, prepaid plans have several other attractive benefits, including no termination fee, the ability to change the service plan without a penalty and access to high-end smartphones at a reduced price.