How to Choose the Right Submersible Pump for the Job

Submersible pumps are useful in various ways because they have different applications. When it comes to buying the right submersible pump, it can look like a hard decision. But if you have the proper knowledge, you will be ready to choose the right pump that will do your job without issues. It is not complicated at all.


Here is how to choose the right submersible pump for the job:


Take a look at the previous pump


If you had been using one and you are looking to replace it because it is broken, then you can look at the old one. For example, the old pump has a label detailing its specifications. Such a label should make it easy for you when it comes to the type of pump that you are looking to buy either online or from a physical store. The discharge pipe has a diameter that you should consider when buying a submersible pump. Ensure the pump you consider buying is not only the same size but also the same shape as the old one.


Choose the proper float switch


Buying the wrong float switch is a common mistake people do. You must understand the two types of float switches which include the vertical switch and tethered one. The vertical switch moves up straight to activate the pump. In most cases, it is used in small pumps. The tethered switch pump moves in a diagonal and upwards direction to activate the pump. It is only used in pumps with 14 inches and above. They are mostly used in heavy duty pumps.


Back up for the battery system


Protecting your home from flooding is one of the ways to use submersible pumps. If you are using the submersible pump when it is raining, you need to know that there may be an electric cut from your home as it rains. If this is your scenario, ensure you buy a submersible pump that you can use with a battery backup system. If you have a backup system, you will have the peace of mind. It can be traumatizing to find your pump ran out of power during flooding.


The pumping distance


Submersible pumps come with different sizes and shapes. One of the main things to differentiate the pumps is the power used by each pump. You need to consider the pumping distance. The longer the distance you want to pump the more the powerful your pump should be.


Before you decide to buy a new submersible pump or replace the old one ensure you understand the things to consider. You must know the Dos and Don’ts when purchasing a submersible pump so that you can have an easy time as you do your shopping for the right pump for the job.