Holiday Decorating: 5 Reasons to Incorporate a Light Show

You could go many different ways when decorating your house for the holidays. Something to consider this year is adding a light show to your display. A light show is fun and can really express your love of the season. Here are five reasons to incorporate a light show into your holiday decorating.

Light Shows Are Unusual and Attract Attention

One reason to put up a light show is that they are unusual and will attract attention to your home. There is nothing worse than taking the time to create a large display outside of your house only to have no one but a few neighbors see it. A light show is certain to draw people to your house from all over the area. This can help you to spread holiday joy to people you might not even know.

Add Life and Variety to Static Displays

Consumers spent well over $600 billion across the holidays. A portion of that was on static decorations and ornaments. The issue with many traditional holiday displays is that they just sit there and never change. If you see the display once, then it will look exactly the same next time you pass by it. Light shows add life and variety to static displays. The light show will constantly be cycling and changing. It can make any holiday display feel exciting, dynamic and interesting.

Make Use of Large Vertical Spaces

A problem with many holiday decorations intended for the outside is that they need to be on the ground or a flat surface. This can make it difficult to do anything interesting with vertical spaces like the sides of a house. Light shows allow you to make use of large vertical spaces. You can even incorporate trees, bushes and other items on your property. The light show can transform nearly every part of your property into a holiday wonderland.

Incorporate Your Favorite Holiday Music

Music is often one of the things that people enjoy about the holidays. So many different musical numbers can make people happy, sentimental or excited. You do not often get to use music in your holiday displays unless you decide to just play it through a radio. Including a light show in your decorating gives you a chance to orchestrate an amazing display. You can coordinate the lights with your favorite holiday music to make something unique and captivating.

Potentially Win A Contest or Appear On the News

A final reason to try a light show during the holidays is that you could potentially win a contest or appear on the news. People all across the country are looking for grand light shows outside of homes. You could be entered into a contest and win prizes. Alternately, your local news could show up and highlight your home. One man made the news with a light show that used over 25,000 lights. This can brighten up your holidays.