Determining When Portable Storage is the Right Option

In many mid-sized and larger cities, you can easily find several self-storage properties by simply driving down the road for a few miles. A typical self-storage property has units that you can rent which range in size from a small closet to a double garage. Some of these units are climate-controlled and others are not. However, when you use one of these typical storage units, your items remain in a specific location until you arrive to transport them again. An alternative to this storage experience is to rent a portable storage container.

What to Expect From a Portable Storage Container
A portable storage container is usually reserved over the phone or online. A truck will bring the container to your home or business location, and you may keep it onsite for as long as you desire. Some people will simply use this feature as a convenient extension to their garage, such as if they are remodeling their home and want to keep some belongings close by. When items are simply transported to a unit outside, you may not have to pack them well to prevent breakage. You can also ask the storage company to haul your container to a temporary location until you are ready to access the belongings again. The container may also be taking directly to your new home or place of business. You can see that there is considerable flexibility when using a portable storage container, but this experience may be more expensive then renting a moving truck yourself or using a storage unit in a fixed location.

How to Make Your Decision
There are two primary factors to consider when deciding if a portable or fixed-location storage unit is a better option for your needs. The first factor is the cost. A portable unit could cost exponentially more than the other solution. The second factor is the functionality. For example, do you need to physically remove the items from your property, and do you have an immediate location for them to be transported to? Do you need access to these items while they are being stored? If you are moving, how far apart are the two locations where you will need access to your stored items?

When you need extra storage space on or off of your property, it is great to have several choices available. In addition to having access to many self-storage properties close to your home or business, you also may have the option of using a portable storage container. When you understand what to expect from a portable storage container in comparison to a traditional self-storage unit, you can more easily decide which of these options is the most reasonable solution for your storage needs.