5 Reasons You Need to Hire an Electrician

While there are some things around the house that are easy DIY projects, electrical work is no joke. Not only is it an intricate area of expertise, but working on electrical with no training or experience can be a serious health and safety hazard. Whether you have a simple repair that needs done or there is major electrical work needed, it is always better to hire a professional. It might cost a little more than you wanted to spend, but it will be worth every penny.

Why Do I Need a Licensed Electrician?

First of all, electrical shock is a serious risk whenever you mess with anything electrical in your home. Even with your home’s power turned off, accidents can still happen. A small zap might not hurt, but if you catch a serious power surge, you could seriously harm yourself. Furthermore, if you do the work incorrectly in any way, it could post a safety hazard for your family members down the road.

Speaking of safety, faulty electrical work is also a leading cause of house fires. Even one wire not connected correctly or one switch not installed properly could cause serious damage to your home in the event of a short or electrical surge. Even the faulty installation itself could result in a short or fire over time. Electricians aren’t cheap, but a house fire will cost you a lot more in the end.

Do you know the electrical code and/or permitting process for doing electrical work in your city and state? Electricians spend upwards of 6 to 8 years training and doing apprentice work aside an experienced journeyman. This includes learning all electrical codes, regulations, and permit guidelines for projects big and small, which is why an electrician is always your best choice to ensure the job is done right, both professionally and legally speaking.

DIY electrical work also runs the risk of creating bigger problems or expenses than were there in the first place. Again, it might seem like a quick enough fix, but if you aren’t experienced you could cost yourself thousands of dollars in lost time and money. Save yourself the hassle and just hire an electrician from the start.

Finally, if you hire an electrical professional, you can get the work guaranteed and insured. Your mortgage lender will appreciate that, as will your home insurance company. In fact, if you don’t get the work done by a licensed professional, a home insurer might refuse to pay a claim that results from damage caused by your DIY repairs. If you’re ever going to sell, proof of proper licensed electrical work could also help you sell your home quicker and for a higher price.

The bottom line when it comes to electrical work is to hire the right people for the job. Unlike some DIY projects, this is one where the risks always outweigh the reward. Just make sure that you choose a licensed, insured electrical contractor that guarantees their work and that has a solid reputation in the industry.