5 Reasons to Recycle Your Old Electronics

The amount of older electronics that each person has is growing every year as technology becomes more prevent, affordable and accessible. This means you have to throw away your old electronics to make way for new devices. You really should not just throw outdated or broken electronics into a trashcan. Here are five reasons to recycle your old electronics correctly.

Protect the Environment

The fact is that 20 to 50 million tons of electronic waste are generated on this planet annually. Most of that waste contains dangerous chemicals and elements that can contaminate the soil, air and water. You should be recycling your old electronics properly in order to protect the environment. Keeping even a few old cell phones, monitors or radios out of landfills can make a large difference over time.

Potentially Help Others

A second reason to always recycling your old electronics is that you could potentially help others. Even though a piece of electronics might no longer work, it does not mean it is totally useless. There are often components inside of the device, computer or appliance that can be salvaged and reused in other products. Some electronics like phones and laptops can be refurbished so that they work again. Many of those recovered or refurbished items go to worthy causes such as underprivileged schools or charitable organizations.

Prevent Data or Identity Theft

Any piece of electronics that you once stored information on is a threat if you just throw it into a trashcan or dumpster. This is especially true of computers, laptops and cell phones. You need to recycle your old electronics in order to prevent data or identity theft. Criminals could get your device from the trash or a local landfill. That person might be able to recover sensitive personal or financial information from the device even if you tried to erase it. This is not an issue when you recycle your e-waste.

Support Your Local Economy

You will want to recycle your old electronics in order to support your local economy. It takes a good number of people to move, sort through and properly handle all the electronic waste generated in a year. There are entire e-waste sortation and recycling centers located across the country. If you recycle your electronics properly, then you are helping to support those jobs.

It Is the Law in Most Areas

Many areas have chosen to deal with the 3.2 million tons of electronic waste produced in the country every year by passing laws governing how it should be disposed of. You should be recycling your old electronics because it is the law in most locations. If it is not the law now, then there could be new local or federal laws coming soon to help manage the very real problem of e-waste.