5 Pre-Trip Vehicle Checks To Make Before Shipping a Car

Your car is a valuable piece of machinery. If you’re traveling or moving and don’t want to add thousands of miles to your car’s speedometer by driving it, you can always have it shipped using a car transport service. Before the transport service is scheduled to pick up your car, use this checklist as a way of preparing your car for transport.

1. Tire Pressure and Integrity

You will want to ensure that the tires on your car are at a decent pressure so that they can properly support the weight of the car during shipping. Additionally, you want to make sure that there are no holes or tears in the tires that might cause them to deflate and throw off the balance of your car, shifting its weight unexpectedly.

2. Dirt and Salt

Dirt and road salt are substances that coat the outer frame and undercarriage of your vehicle, promoting the degradation of your frame and the dulling of your car’s shine. Give your car a thorough washing before sending it to be shipped. Doing this will ensure that your car arrives at its destination clean and ready to be driven.

3. Drain The Tank

Since your car is being transported by another vehicle, there’s no reason why your car will need a full tank of gasoline. In the days leading up to your car’s shipping date, drive it around to run your errands without filling the tank. This lack of gasoline in the tank will make your car lighter and slightly reduce your shipping costs.

4. Turn Off The Alarm

Car alarms are notoriously delicate. The slightest bump from anything or anyone can set them off. The last thing you want is for your car alarm to go off constantly while it’s being shipped due to your car getting jostled and wobbled during transport. Do your car transport company a favor and disable your car alarm before surrendering it to them for shipping.

5. Manage Your Custom Accessories

Car transport is made to occur as safely and efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, car transport workers cannot guarantee a flawless arrival for your car if it is outfitted with a lot of oddly-shaped external accessories. You can spare your car, and the accessories, a lot of potential damage if you remove these accessories before handing your car over to be shipped out.

Even while your car is being safely transported by a professional transport service, you should still take the time to lock your car doors. Locking your car doors prevents them from opening accidentally if a car handle is pressed or bumped. It also helps to reduce the risk of your car being stolen.