5 Important Things to Know About White Water Rafting

One of the most thrilling adventures you can enjoy is a white water rafting trip. As exhilarating as it can be, it can also be very scary for people who are new to the experience. It helps a lot to know what to expect before you go white water rafting for the first time. To that end, here are five important things you should know about white water rafting before you go.

1. It’s a Tough Workout

If you haven’t gotten any exercise recently, you may wish to work out a little bit before you go on your rafting trip. White water rafting is a serious workout, burning an average of 300 calories per hour. You can expect your shoulders, arms and core to likely be sore the day after a hardcore day of riding the rapids. If you are going on a multi-day rafting trip, make sure to bring along some aspirin or ibuprofen to reduce swelling and ease achy muscles.

2. Wear the Proper Gear

You know that you are going to get wet. Dress appropriately for the conditions. Leave the cotton clothing at home. Synthetic materials that dry quickly are preferable. You should wear water shoes rather than flip-flops to give your feet more protection when the rapids bang you around.

3. It’ll Get Lost

If you have something valuable, leave it in the car. Do not bring anything along that you would hate to lose when you go white water rafting. It is Murphy’s law. If you bring something along that you don’t want to lose, you can almost count on a big wave to send it flying overboard. It is best to just prevent losses by leaving valuables back at the launch.

4. Be Vigilant with the Sunblock

You will get plenty of sun during a day out on the rapids. Make sure that you lather yourself up with sunblock well before you leave, and reapply it every hour or two. Make sure to use a waterproof sunscreen. Keep in mind that the tops of your thighs and your neck will bear the brunt of the sun exposure when you are rafting.

5. Never Take off Your Lifejacket

This is the number one safety rule when it comes to white water rafting. You should never take your life jacket off for even a second when you are out on the water. Not only does the life jacket keep you afloat if you go overboard, but they also make great handles for you to be scooped up by rescuers.

You are almost guaranteed to have a good time on a white water rafting trip. Make sure you follow these five tips to avoid having something ruin your day out on the river. When you come into a rafting trip properly prepared, you will be ready to have a blast.