5 Best Vaping Flavors Every Vapor Should Try

It’s no secret that vaping has gotten popular, especially among young people. Certain flavors have gotten more recognition than others. It’s tough for vaping enthusiasts to decide which one to choose.

If you’ve ever been in a vaping store in search of e-liquid flavors, you know the flavors are endless. There are common flavors like cola, cherry, and strawberry, as well as sweet flavors like cotton candy and marshmallow. Here are the best vaping flavors to try.


Cinnamon is the most addictive flavor for vapors to enjoy. It’s been known as one of the most intoxicating flavors. There’s a lot that goes into creating the perfect cinnamon flavor. Cinnamon e-cigs typically get their flavor from the organic compoundĀ cinnamaldehyde, which is an unsaturated aldehyde that’s found in cinnamon trees and other sources. It’s the ingredient that gives cinnamon its color and flavor.

It’s good for those who love a bold, spicy flavor. It won’t burn your tongue, but it’ll leave a slight tingle. It is a flavored cinnamon e-liquid, after all. If you love the taste of hot cinnamon candy, then you’ll love this flavored e-liquid.


Vanilla is also popular among teens and young adults. This flavor is often described as a thick and creamy vanilla custard. It’s the perfect all-day vape due its sweetness and smoothness. Some vanilla e-juice flavors include touches of nutmeg and spice.

Vanilla is considered the ideal e-juice for everyday vaping due to its subtle scent and quality. This is an ideal choice if you really love vanilla ice cream. It’s considered one of the best flavors on the e-liquid market.

Buttered Popcorn

Like those Jelly Belly jellybeans, buttered popcorn has become one of the most popular flavors. This is a great e-liquid even if you don’t tend to like sweet e-liquids. You can enjoy your buttery popcorn without getting kernels stuck in your teeth.

It has a chemical called diacetyl which gives this e-liquid it’s buttered popcorn flavor. The key ingredient isĀ propylene glycol, an organic compound that’s tasteless and odorless. Those with allergies to this ingredient should consult their doctors before trying this e-liquid.

Creamy Flavors

Creamy flavors are all the rage in the e-liquid market. Some of the most popular flavors include banana pudding, milk and cereal, and strawberry milk. You can indulge in some of these flavors forever without putting on any weight.

It’s a good weight to curb those cravings around the holiday season. Most of these e-liquids combine flavors with a creamy sweetness. If you love something sweet, then you’ll love creamy flavors. Each of these e-liquids is made to make your mouth water and to satisfy you with its cream-soaked flavor.

Fruity Flavors

Recent studies have revealed that fruity flavors have increased in popularity among young adults. Some of the most common fruity flavors include banana, dragon fruit, blueberry, melon, pineapple, and raspberry. The great thing about fruity flavors is that they’re made so you can mix them with other flavors. It’s as if you’re creating your own e-liquid cocktail. Fruit flavored e-juice is considered a must for vaping connoisseurs.

If you’ve decided to dive into the world of vaping, certain flavors are better than others. But you should always proceed with caution.