Top Engagement Ring Styles of 2016

Wedding styles continue to evolve over the years for chic and luxury designs that all embrace a romantic tone. When it comes to engagement ring styles, there are a number of designs that are currently trending for 2016. To choose a top style that looks timeless, there are a few looks to embrace when saying, “I do.”

Colorful Diamonds

Those who want to have an engagement ring that stands out and is unconventional can opt for a colorful diamond that is easy on the eyes. Yellow and pink are popular choices for the feminine detail that they add to the jewelry. Those who want a ring that is more modern and edgy can opt for chocolate or black diamonds in the ring.

Colorful accent stones are another popular style for added vibrance that is incorporated into the design of the ring. Sapphire stones can be added into the band to add a beautiful detail that looks one of a kind.

Square Bands

Square bands are currently a popular ring style for the year with square edges that are sleek and sophisticated. It’s a unique twist on popular circle bands with a ring that is still comfortable to wear but has added elegance. Square bands can also be worn for a lifetime because they won’t pinch or constrict your fingers throughout the day.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is not only a beautiful style to enjoy wearing with your engagement ring, but it’s also a popular choice because it flatters different skin tones. Rose gold is a modern twist on traditional gold or platinum and looks chic when paired with small or large diamonds.

Rose gold rings also look beautiful when paired with pink diamonds, which is incredibly romantic and doesn’t look too dramatic with the feminine details.

Ornate Bows

Those who want a unique wedding ring can incorporate a bow design on the band, which is still feminine and romantic when you’re ready to walk down the aisle. Bows can be used on to create added detail that is plenty elegant and regal. Consider using a complimentary band to create an ornate look that easily stands out when it’s worn.

Open Settings

Rings that feature open settings are increasing in popularity with its modern detail that shows off the shape of the diamond by putting it on display. Choose a four prong setting, which will enhance the drama of the diamond that it’s in place and will allow it to look even more beautiful with a pave band. This will allow your diamond to have extra sparkle and will also make it look larger than it really is when it’s worn.