How To Make Negotiation Training Effective For Your Employees

Negotiating can be difficult. It’s a skill that many people have and many more people want. With this in mind, some companies are looking for creative ways to better train their employees on the art of negotiation. You don’t have to be Donald Trump to negotiate some of the world’s best deals. You just have to have a passion for learning. If you’re a person designing a training program, then here are some tips that will help you make the program more efficient for your employees.

Use real-world situations
Negotiation training is only effective if you’re putting your people through real-world training scenarios. Chances are that your employees are tired of going to school. They don’t want to read books and listen to lectures. Rather, they’ll perk up with interest if you’re willing to put them into actual scenarios where they can use their skills. It’s not hard to envision these sorts of scenarios. For instance, you might create teams and have them negotiate against one another using a set of facts that you dictate. Whatever your choice, it’s crucial to engage employees in this way.

Make it short and sweet
Good research suggests that our attention spans do not allow us to engage with material for longer than a few minutes at a time. While it might have been popular in the old days to hold a full week of training, you will lose the ear of your employees well before that time is up. The better solution is to have your training take place over a much smaller period of time, focusing on short bursts. You might do this over lunch meetings, for instance, where you can entice your employees with the promise of a free meal. Whatever the case, follow the research and keep things short. Don’t overwhelm your employees with too much information.

Integrate technology
The modern world is full of people who utilize their phones and computers for almost every imaginable purpose. People today use their phones to make better deals where they can. If you want your employees to get the most out of the training exercise, then you should find ways to bring technology into play. Allow them to use their phones to look up information that gives them a leg up in their negotiation process. Find the right apps that will be of assistance to them. This way, you can ensure that your employees will feel completely engaged.

If you want your negotiation training to truly work for your employees, then think outside the box. There is no reason any longer for you to conduct the same old boring training. You’re better off thinking of your employees as the modern workers that they are. Design programs that embrace this fact rather than fighting it.