Five Reasons You Should Hire An Attorney For Your Divorce

Some people believe that getting a divorce is as simple as signing a piece of paper. This is rarely the case especially if children, assets or money are involved. You really want to let a lawyer handle your divorce. Here are five reasons why you should hire an attorney for your divorce.

Keep Negotiations Objective and Constructive

Emotions often run high in the over 813,000 divorces a year that occur. Those emotions can lead to irrational decisions that derail the divorce and complicate things. You should hire an attorney to keep the divorce negotiations objective, constructive and civil. Your lawyer will approach everything from a legal standpoint and not an emotional one. This can make it easier to work through delicate problems and reach an amicable divorce settlement.

Understand and Protect Your Rights

A vindictive spouse or lawyer might attempt to do everything possible to circumvent your rights, employ underhanded tactics or force an unfair settlement. You want a divorce lawyer to protect your rights during the process. Your attorney will be able to fend off attacks, stand up to pointless motions and counteract aggressive legal strategies so that you can proceed towards finalizing the divorce fairly.

Take Care of Complicated Paperwork

The reality is that nearly all divorces involve some type of complicated legal paperwork. Mistakes on that paperwork could inadvertently nullify the divorce, leave you vulnerable to future lawsuits or invalidate a settlement. Missing filing deadlines can do the same thing. An attorney will help you to take care of complicated paperwork. You will not have to worry about mistakes or deadlines with a divorce lawyer on your side.

Easily Sort through the Most Complex Issues

Some divorces involve incredibly complex issues. These can include things like custody of children, dividing common assets or managing investments from the marriage. Trying to handle these issues without legal training and experience can potentially be disastrous. You want to have a lawyer for your divorce because that professional will make sorting through complex issues much easier. Your attorney will know exactly what to do and how to structure settlements to ensure the divorce is resolved in the best way possible.

You Might Have To Go To Trial

One final reason you should hire an attorney for your divorce is that you might have to go to trial. Although only 5 percent of divorces go to trial, it is still a very real possibility. You want to have a lawyer on your side from the start so that you can easily transition into the courtroom setting. Your attorney will be able to present your case, counter claims from your spouse and work efficiently within the rules of the trial. This type of representation is invaluable if divorce negotiations fall apart.