Everything You Need To Know About MCAD

There are many great features and benefits to using MCAD software. It is a necessity for many jobs, and can be utilized in many ways. MCAD stands for Mechanical Computer Aided Design. MCAD is software that is used to create and modify geometry. This can be done in both 2D and 3D, and is used in order to design, assess and document the mechanical components, assemblies, molds, sheet metal components, dies, and other tooling.


Two-dimensional (2D) is best for creating the drawings or schematics for engineering. Three-dimensional (3D) applications are a lot more complex and are best for developing accurate and dynamic models. 3D can also give you different animation techniques and surface-modeling options.


During the design process, the MCAD software can be used to explore either conceptually or in full detail. A user can build out various different options and then compare them with each other. The user can assess the form and fit of the design by checking for any interferences or measuring the weight of the design if they desire. The user can also create engineering documentation, which is then released to manufacturing. The engineering documentation is used as part of the specification in which is used to source, fabricate and produce any of the products.


There are two different approaches that may be used with MCAD: the top-down approach or the bottom-up approach. The top-down approach is when you take an existing product and break it down into single components. The bottom-up approach is when you begin with a basic drawing and then build a more elaborate design onto it.


Mechanical Computer Aided Design Software (MCAD) is perfectly compatible to run on a personal computer and most often runs on Linux or Microsoft Windows – so it is friendly to use.


MCAD software is a necessity for many people to do their daily jobs. For instance:


  1. Machine designers and mechanical engineers design and develop mechanical systems using MCAD.
  2. Electrical and Electronic engineers use MCAD software for creating Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design and wiring diagrams.
  3. MCAD can also be found being used in construction and architectural applications. AEC is a type of MCAD software with different applications for drafting, drawing, scheduling, and project management. Contractors may use MCAD AEC applications to create maps of the site area.


Mechanical Computer Aided Design Software also pairs up and can be integrated with Electrical Computer Aided Design Software. Doing so has its benefits and also its drawbacks. But you can get see some great results from integrating the two with an improvement in your design process and data integrity.