Cigarette Papers: What are they?

There are many different tobacco products available today. Cigarette papers are a product that not everyone understands. These are thin leaves of paper usually sold in the same place as boxes of premade cigarettes and other tobacco items. Here is a detailed explanation of what cigarette papers actually are.

Not Normal Paper

The very first thing to understand is that cigarette papers are not regular paper. They are not made from the same things as newspaper, notebook paper or even tissue paper. The paper is made from a special blend of rag fibers mixed with specific compounds. Cigarette papers are designed to do a few things. The first is to burn evenly and smoothly. The second is to stop burning after a time if someone is not actively smoking the cigarette. The final special quality is that the paper is permeable. This allows air to fuel the combustion and move smoke through the tobacco.

How the Papers Are Used

Over 3 million pounds of  loose tobacco for rolling papers is used in the United States each year. Cigarette papers are used to make cigarettes by hand. The papers have one edge along the long side that is coated with a gum adhesive. The paper is filled with a little loose tobacco. It is then carefully rolled and compressed until it looks like cigarette. Some people even place a cotton filter in one end. The cigarette can be smoked almost immediately afterwards.

Common Ways They Are Sold

About 16.8 percent of people smoke tobacco in the country today. Many of those individual use cigarette papers and loose tobacco. Cigarette papers are sold in ways that make them convenient to use for smokers. They usually come in thin cardboard sleeves containing anywhere from 15 to 200 individual papers. Larger boxes of 500 or more can be purchased although they are rare. The cost is low but varies greatly depending the store and region of the country.

Rolling Machines

Something unique about cigarette papers is that they can be used with an entire class of devices called rolling or cigarette machines. These are either manual or electronic devices that will roll a cigarette for you without much effort. There are rollers that help you to measure out exact amounts of tobacco to get the same size cigarettes every time. Some electronic machines allow you to put tobacco and a paper in slots only to have a cigarette pop out finished on the other side.

Special Paper Varieties

Not all cigarette papers are the same. Many companies have unique proprietary ingredients that go into the papers. You can also find special varieties of papers. Some claim to be all-natural and use no artificial ingredients. Others add flavor to the cigarette as it is smoked. Many types of cigarette papers are available today.