Building a New Home? 5 Interior Design Tips to Know

There are so many decisions to make when you’re building yourself a brand new home. These 5 interior design tips can help guide you to the right choices when faced with the overwhelming task of creating your new space.

1. Apps Can Help You Envision Your Ideas

There are bunches of new interior design apps that can help you wrap your head around how your decorating ideas might look in real life. Most paint manufacturers have apps that will allow you to see how your space would look painted in new colors. There are also abundant 3d apps for building and interior design.

2. Avoid Toxic Building Materials

Many building materials are toxic, as two architects from Perkins + Will discovered when they acquired the cancer treatment center at a prominent hospital as a client. For the sake of their client’s clients, they wanted to avoid using any known or suspected carcinogens when building the cancer center. Their research led to the development of a hazardous materials database. The database could help to guide you when you make decisions regarding which materials to incorporate into your home.

3. Pay Attention to the Current Home Design Trends

It will be easier for you to coordinate the look of your home if you pay attention to the latest design trends and color trends and choose trendy, up-to-date colors when you decorate. This is because the major retailers tend to carry merchandise that incorporates the current color trends. If your color scheme isn’t on-trend, you might have a hard time finding anything available for sale in the colors you want.

4. Open Floor Plans Remain Popular

One of the reigning home design trends that has been popular for quite some time, and is still going strong: open floor plans. This sort of floor plan feels spacious and inviting, but one of the drawbacks is that it requires you to coordinate the design and look of several rooms as a single unit. For example, if you can view the dining room from the living room, you might want to give some thought to whether the colors in the room details, like your dinnerware, complement the main colors or accent colors in your living room.

5. Satin Hardwood Flooring Is a Trendy Choice

Hardwood flooring is currently the most sought-after type of flooring in the home. It’s particularly popular for use in the kitchen. In times past, many homeowners considered hardwood flooring in the bathroom to be a “decorating don’t”. However, these days many of the trendiest trendsetters are even installing hardwood flooring in their bathrooms.Satin finish is currently the go-to finish for hardwood floors.

So now you’re updated on our best tips and suggestions for what to do when building a new home from scratch. We hope you find this advice useful, and we hope that you’ll be able to implement these ideas and use them to make the decorating process a bit easier.