Batteries and Sustainability: Why It Matters

The idea of sustainability has never gotten more attention from a variety of parties like schools and corporate initiatives. More and more people are recognizing that sustainability isn’t just great for the environment, but it can also be great for the bottom line. One of the newest ways to improve sustainability is through the use of batteries. So why are batteries such a big role player in the world of sustainability?

  • Allows Use Of Renewable Energy During Off Peak Generation Times
  • Increases The Number Of Revenue Streams
  • Improves Customer Resiliency
  • Helps Local Utilities

Allows Use Of Renewable Energy During Off Peak Generation Times

There are times when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow. This means that in order to power anything on exclusively renewable energy, there needs to be an effective storage method. This way, solar and wind power produced during the day or while the wind is blowing strong can be stored and used later. This reduces the risk for more traditional fossil fuels.

Increases The Number Of Revenue Streams

Because batteries are so versatile in their use, they can be used for a variety of income streams. This includes the demand response market which relies on a utility paying you a premium price to either discharge or charge a battery at a moments notice or peak shaving in which the battery charges to full capacity during times of cheap power and discharges energy when the cost of energy is high. By having multiple income streams come from a battery, they become more cost effective.

Improves Customer Resiliency

When the power goes out, customers are typically at the will of the utility to restore power. In this time lights won’t work, phones won’t charge, and food can spoil. Luckily, batteries are the perfect tool to utilize when the power goes out. As soon as the power goes out, the battery can then supply the necessary power to keep essential items like your refrigerator running. This way, you’ll still be able to keep your phone charged and food from spoiling while the utility company works diligently to restore power.

Helps Local Utilities

Renewable energy has been known to produce what is known as the duck curve. It is the idea that during the day when renewable energy is meeting the demand of consumers, they aren’t as reliant on utilities. Then, when the sun goes down, the demand on the utility suddenly rises and puts a strain on the grid. Batteries allow the utility to smooth out this curve and have a more gradual rise in demand.

Sustainability can take many forms. Thanks to the introduction of more batteries into the mix, the ability to to promote sustainability in all areas will undoubtedly be on the rise.