7 Top Ways to update your Bedroom on a Budget

You might be on a tight budget, but there are affordable ways to update your bedroom and give it a fresh, lovely new look. Here are seven of our favorite ideas:

1. Declutter the Space

When you want to give your bedroom an update, the quickest and least expensive thing you can do is simply declutter it. If you have an overload of clutter in the room, that action alone could make the space look brand new.

  • Take down any pictures that no longer make you smile when you look at them.
  • Create and use a docking station to keep your phone and gadgets neat, orderly, charged and ready for action.
  • Shred and discard any papers you don’t need any more.
  • If you don’t already have one, bring in a file cabinet or desk for filing any papers you do still need.
  • Do you have shoes everywhere? A new shoe rack or over-the-closet-door shoe organizer could solve that problem.
  • Throw out any candles that have been burned so low as to be of no further use.

2. Incorporate a Vase of Flowers

Have you ever seen a magazine interior photo that doesn’t include flowers or potted plants? Flowers and greenery have the power to beautify any room. A gorgeous flower arrangement can make a stunning focal point for a room.

If you have a backyard, get outside with a pair of scissors and gather yourself a bouquet of whatever happens to be growing. If not, it’s OK to use silk flowers to create floral arrangements that will last.

3. Re-Paint the Space With an Appealing New Color

An updated coat of paint can give a tired bedroom a whole different appeal.

4. Add Vibrant New Throw Pillows

Textile trends change from year to year. If you haven’t updated your room in awhile, changing out your throw pillows is one of the easiest and most cost-effective changes you can make to your bedroom d├ęcor.

5. Update Your Lighting

You can choose a new light fixture if you like, and that’s one great way to update a room that looks stale. However, you may be able to get a lot of mileage out of just changing your light bulbs. Ditch the old yellowish bulbs and get yourself some fresh new daylight bulbs for an instant boost.

6. Use Spray Paint to Update Old Furniture

If you have furniture that is the wrong color for your new decorating scheme, you can give it a quick update using a can of spray paint. This also works well for making outdated pieces look fresh and current again.

Mismatched pieces can also be made to coordinate and complement each other using paint.

7. Re-upholster Your Favorite Chair

New fabric could make a favorite old piece look fresh and new again.