7 Iron Décor Pieces Every Home Should Have

Iron Décor Piece One: Fireplace Screen

A fantastic decorative iron piece to have in your home is a fireplace screen. This item is placed in front of the firebox while a fire is burning to prevent sparks from flying on surfaces. A fireplace screen protects carpets, flooring and rugs from hot sparks, and is useful when a fire is not burning to keep out drafts of cold air that may travel down the chimney shaft.

Iron Décor Piece Two: Stair Railings

There is nothing more timeless than decorative iron stair railings. Iron is a strong metal that can withstand heavy blows from furniture or someone falling down the steps. A craftsman can make a basic stair railing of vertical rods or create beautiful scrollwork with abstract designs, initials or flower shapes to give a home a unique ambience.

Iron Décor Piece Three: Candleholders

Everyone should have candles in a home for emergencies or to provide a comfortable feeling in each room. It is essential to place candles in fireproof containers, and a decorative candleholder made of iron is perfect. Most iron candleholders are designed for hanging in groups on walls to create a decorative element in a home. These sconces frequently have glass globes to protect a candle from drafts along with preventing wax from dripping on floors.

Iron Décor Piece Four: Iron Doors

If you want to have an entrance or exit door that will last for many years, then choose an iron door. While there are plain iron doors that provide security, it is better to opt for an iron door that is highly decorative with scrollwork that is often embedded in beautiful glass. A craftsman can customize an iron door to your specifications and make sure it fits properly in the frame.

Iron Décor Piece Five: Drapery Rods

To hang draperies or curtains in a home, you need to have rods that are long-lasting. There are manufacturers that make durable iron curtain or drapery rods. You can choose from an assortment of styles that are plain or intricately designed. It is possible to find drapery rods with wall holders and end pieces that create a unique decorative element for any room in a home.

Iron Décor Piece Six: Iron Balconies

An iron balcony outside a home’s window makes it easy to sit outside on a warm day. You can use the balcony to grow flowers or vegetables in pots or boxes.

Iron Décor Piece Seven: Iron Trellis

When guests come to your home, have a gorgeous iron trellis at the end of the pathway. You can have beautiful blooming flowers or green ivy plants wrapped around the decorative iron scrollwork to make a home more inviting.