5 Things to do if Bit by a Dog

Dogs are wonderful companions. They’re loyal, smart and kind, but sometimes they bite. Maybe it’s due to a lack of adequate training. They may also be hurt or scared. If not, it could just be due to age. Puppies usually nip during their teething stage. If you’ve experienced a dog bite, then these five important things will help you to ensure you’re safe, the wound properly heals and your medical costs get covered.

1. Dress the Wound

If you or someone you know has been bitten by a dog, you’re first going to want to move to a safe and secure area. For a surface bite, begin by cleaning the wound using water and soap. Treating the wound with isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide is a good next step. Put an antibiotic ointment on the affected area(s) and place a bandage over it.

For puncture wounds that are deeper, your best choices depend on the where the wound happened. Neck and head wounds must receive emergency attention. Dial 911 if puncture wounds occur in either of those places.

2. Got to a Doctor for Your Dog Bite Injuries

Even if it doesn’t seem like a serious injury, it’s crucial to find medical help for the damage. Dog bites put you at a significantly higher risk of infection. It’s still smart to see a Doctor even if treating a dog bite is something you feel you can handle.

3. Gather and Exchange Information

If you possess enough presence of mind at the scene of the event, it’s vital to exchange contacts with the owner(s) of the dog. If this isn’t workable right away, following up with the owners must be done as soon as you have the chance. The information exchange should include the name of the owners, their phone number and their address.

4. File a Report

Even with incidents involving small dog bites, it’s essential to file a report with the animal control agency in your area. It is particularly important if the pet was feral. Animal control is going to need to find and capture the dog and you will need to get treated for rabies.

5. Speak with an Attorney

If you aren’t able to come to an understanding with the owners surrounding treatment possibilities, you can speak to an attorneyDog bites are incidents that happen regularly and a lawyer will know what the dog bite laws are in your area.

Recovering From a Dog Bite

Moving on from a bite injury may take some time. If it was from a dog you own, time may be needed to rebuild the relationship to your pet. If the injury was from a foreign dog, it’s understandable that you may be hesitant to come into contact with dogs again.