5 Reasons your Business Needs WAN Acceleration

A wide area network, or WAN, can provide your business with a secure and customizable solution to connect your employees and offices around the world. A problem is that a typical WAN can be very inefficient leading to structural problems. Optimization and acceleration can help. Here are five reasons your business needs WAN acceleration.

Expand the Network As Far As Needed

The first reason your business needs WAN acceleration is so that you can expand the network as far as needed. Problems start to arise in WANs when users and servers get too far apart. With the country transferring up to 4.1 terabytes of information annually across the Internet, using public networks is not a reliable solution. WAN acceleration removes these barriers and optimizes the network so that distance no longer matters. This means your WAN could eventually span the globe and not one employee would see performance issues on the network related to distance.

Fast Access to Network Files

You need your WAN to be a seamless part of every workstation, application and function in the business. If it takes too long to access or browse files, then the system starts to break down. You need WAN acceleration in order gain faster access to network files. Just over 74 percent of households have Internet connections meaning that most workers are used to fast access to online resources. The acceleration will ensure that every employee can be as productive and efficient as possible.

Better Application Performance

A WAN that is not optimized could be harming your application performance. Bandwidth might not be available for critical tasks when needed. Things could move so slowly that applications are left hanging along with other background processes. Your business needs WAN acceleration to improve application performance. The technology and optimizations will ensure that any business critical applications always have priority and reserved bandwidth to operate at peak performance.

Save Money over Time

The reality is that your business will have to invest more in a WAN infrastructure if you do not take steps now. WAN acceleration can save your business money over the years. The technologies and techniques used for acceleration can make it unnecessary to continually upgrade your infrastructure to support new users, applications and data. The optimization will maximize your existing technology so that it performs better than it did originally. This will keep your information technology overhead low.

More Effective Data Backup and Recovery

A final reason your business needs WAN acceleration is because it allows for more effective data backup and recovery. The enhanced speed and optimizations will allow you to quickly send data through the network for backup. It can also be retrieved fast in an emergency. This makes certain that your business will be minimally impacted if catastrophic data loss occurs in any one location.