5 Reasons to use Sunless Tanning Lotions

Some people love that tanned skin look. However, getting that look by sun bathing or tanning beds is not a good idea. Here a five reasons to avoid the sun and use a sunless tanning lotion:

Lessened Risk of Skin Cancer

As anyone who has had skin cancer will tell you, it’s no fun. From the annoying but disfiguring basal cell cancers all the way to deadly melanoma, skin cancer is scary. One in every three cancers are skin cancer(1), so without the proper precautions, tanners can be in for unpleasant consequences. Sunless tanning lotions make for a safe alternative, as they avoid the UV exposure from the sun and tanning beds.

Burns and Peeling

Even with every precaution taken, sun bathers will inevitably get a sunburn now and then. The same holds true for tanning bed users. The burns range from mildly painful to burns so severe they require a trip to the hospital. The long-term effects of sunburns tends to be cumulative. So the more burns one receives, the greater the chance of skin cancer down the road. And there is always that annoying peeling that comes as the skin sheds off the dead cells. Peeling can be itchy, ugly, and painful. Sunless tanning lotions avoid all of these dangers.


Today’s sunless tanning lotions are virtually indistinguishable from a “natural” tan. As the years pass, however, the benefits of the tanning lotions becomes more evident. Natural tanning slowly causes the skin to wrinkle and look leathery. This unattractive and unhealthy appearance from years of natural tanning can cause one to look significantly older. Retaining the appearance of healthy skin while still looking tan is yet another bonus for users of sunless tanning lotions.


Spending hours in the sun may feel relaxing, but it is not a quick way to get a tan. While tanning beds speed up the process, they are extremely unsafe. There are more cases of skin cancer due to tanning beds than there are from smokers who get lung cancer.(2) Sunless tanning lotions not only take out the risks of UV exposure, they only take a few minutes to apply.


While addiction might seem like an odd word to use when describing natural or tanning bed tanning, studies have shown that these practices activate the same parts of the brain associated with any addiction. The result of this is that tanners feel the need to get a “fix” that is very similar to drug addiction.