5 Reasons to Use a Lawyer Specializing in CDL Violations

Operating heavy, large or placarded vehicles carrying hazardous materials for commerce purposes requires a commercial driver’s license (CDL.) In the United States, the CDL gets issued to cars depending on their minimum class attainments in three categories. Class “A” CDL gets issued to any combination of trucks having or exceeding a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 26,001 or surpassing 10,000 pounds if towed. Class “B” is issued for single vehicles with a GVWR of 26,001 but not exceeding 10,000 if towing another vehicle. Class “C” is for any combination or single vehicles not fitting both class A or B, able to carry a total of more than 16 passengers inclusive of the drive or is a placarded vehicle designed to transport hazardous materials. Violation of these and other CDL rules could lead to convictions needing a lawyer specializing in CDL violations. These reasons include:

Avoidance of Large Fines 

Some states’ civil penalty for driving with a suspended or without a CDL license can result in large penalties of $2,500. In case it’s an aggravated criminal case then penalties could total above $5,000 or a prison sentence of 90 days. If your employer conspired knowingly permitting the events, they also get charged with a penalty not exceeding $10,000.

Allowance to Keep your Driver’s License 

Multiple traffic violations, severe in nature, like speeding, erratic lane changes or causing fatal accidents two or three times might lead to a five-year suspension of your DCL license. Other minor traffic offenses like tailing a vehicle closely, reckless driving and improper following of traffic rules could also lead to revocation of your license for 90-days or up to three years. A lawyer specializing in CDL violations could, however, reduce the sentences or negotiate to allow you to retain the license.

Avoid your Records having Points 

Minor offenses like having an un-roadworthy vehicle exceeding ten years could lead to points reduction on your licenses. Continuous minor offenses like exceeding speed limits could also increase your record penalty points. Eventually leading to hefty fines which could be avoided by a lawyer specializing in CDL violations.

Reducing or Dropping your Charges 

Felonies, like leaving a scene of an accident instead of filing a report, or intoxicated driving, could also lead to heavy charges filed. Such offenses including using a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) to perform unlawful actions could also lead to a three-year suspension of the CDL. The sentences could, however, be dropped or reduced by the help of a lawyer specializing in CDL violations.

Maintaining your Current Car Insurance Rates.

Car insurance ratings may go up or down depending on the number of offenses committed leading to high premium charges. A placarded vehicle designed to transport hazardous materials could, however, get a life suspension if found in multiple felonies. A lawyer specializing in CDL violations could, however, counter the charges reducing them to one or three years for the distribution and manufacturing companies.

Finding a lawyer who specializes in CDL violations could reduce the charges, save your DCL ratings or avoid jail time. Each lawyer, however, specializes in different fields, so choosing the right ones would be essential. Preventions of the violations like knowing the class type of your DCL is also necessary.