5 Important Questions to Ask When Booking an Event Venue

Selecting the right venue is a key part of planning any event. Venues vary greatly in size, cost and accommodations. You cannot judge whether a venue is a good choice based just on the appearance. Here are five important questions to ask when booking an event venue.

What Is Included With the Booking?

The first question to ask is exactly what is included with the venue booking. You likely know that you will have access to a specific room, hall or area. You also need to know what else your guests can access at the site. Look around and ask whether use of bathrooms, side rooms or even closets is permitted. Find out if you have access to in-house services like audio-visual systems. You want to be absolutely certain what you are paying for with the venue.

What Are the Rules About Capacity?

The next question should be about the rules regarding capacity at the venue. Find out what the maximum capacity of the venue is. You should then ask whether the venue has any additional options available just in case the maximum capacity is exceeded during the event. Check if you can have more than the number of guests reported arriving after making the booking. You want to know this information in case a large number of unexpected people arrive at the venue.

When Will the Venue Be Accessible?

Something all 100,000 event planners working today know is that you need time before and after a gathering to take care of business. You need to ask exactly when the venue will be accessible to you and your staff. Find out how early you can arrive and start setting up. Get an exact answer on when everyone will have to vacate the venue. This allows you to better plan the logistics of the event.

What Is the Parking Situation?

Around 85 percent of people drive today meaning that many guests are likely to arrive in a vehicle. You must ask what the parking situation is when booking an event venue. Check if parking on the premises is available for your guests. If there is not, then ask where the guests should be parking in the area. See if there will be fees for parking. These answers will allow you to efficiently guide guests coming to the venue in cars.

Is Anything Else Planned For When You Booked the Venue?

A final important question is whether anything else is planned for when you booked the venue. Many venue owners do not realize this is critical information. There could be two weddings planned in neighboring rooms during your event. A fire drill might be planned. Find out if other events at the venue might interfere with your own. If they do, then consider rescheduling or finding another venue.