5 Frugal Ways to Improve your Expo Impact

The economic downturn has forced some businesses to forgo from participating in expos in order to save money. However, these unique business events can be frugally managed with maximum results.

Exhibit Presentation
The overall exhibit presentation plays the biggest role in exhibition booth success. The exhibit must grab the attention of attendees while also clearly communicating the product or service. With one glance, a passerby should understand who you are, what you do and why they should visit the exhibit. The expo presentation should reinforce the corporate image and brand. Due to the fact that exhibit booths are clearly defined spaces, they must be effectively designed to facilitate easy access and smooth traffic flow. Simply use legible graphics that communicate specific messages that both entertain and educate.

Product or Service Presentation
Expo attendees visit an exhibit for different reasons. They may want to interact with certain people or companies. They may seek knowledge about products or services for their business. They may simply want to noncommittally explore the expo. In order to be effective on a budget, product or service demonstrations require careful planning. This means that booth organizers must know who their target visitors will be so they can craft an interactive and informative presentation. Expo attendees mainly want hands-on and educational experiences that allow them to quickly and efficiently collect and evaluate information.

Booth Staff
Exhibit design and presentations are important, but staff may play the most critical factor in the overall success of the exhibit. Regardless of the booth size or budget, staff must possess the right behaviors and interaction skills. Attendees may not be impressed by the frugal booth design or product quality, but a positive staff interaction may win them over. Expo attendees expect available and pleasant staff who acknowledge them quickly, take a moment to learn why they are visiting and diligently work to personally address their needs.

Most booths will hand out brochures, but an amusing game is a great way to attract attention. These games must be relevant to the industry, while also being interactive and informative. A complex bingo game is out of the question, but a quick activity that can be played by all ages is appropriate. For example, consider offering a miniature golf game with themed obstacles. At an IT expo, the obstacles could represent common IT problems, such as limited bandwidth and cyber-crime. Those who win should receive a complementary prize.

Free Stuff
Giving away free gifts can quickly become a major expense, but there is no arguing that swag will attract attention and increase foot traffic. Booths that hand out generic stationary will not attract many visitors. For instance, a small box of breath mints or cough drops will be appreciated because attendees will spend the entire day talking. Ear buds, branded notebooks and universal USB car chargers are also excellent ideas.

Attending an expo on a budget provides excellent sales and marketing opportunities that shouldn’t be missed.