5 Design Ideas You’ll Absolutely Love for T-Shirts

When it comes to tee shirts, the design possibilities are limitless. They can be used for marketing, swag bags, and much more, but one thing is clear: small businesses and events should take advantage of the pop-culture tee shirt movement to gain the most visibility they can. Here are five design ideas that you’ll love.

1. Plain text.

A simple white tee shirt with just text on it may seem a bit dull, but the simplicity is the driving factor. It makes a major statement when all that adorns the shirt is a simple word. This is a great technique for branding, but it can also be used to promote political ideals, religious events, and much more.

2. Logos.

While this is a tried and true method, there is a reason so many companies turn to a shirt with their logo on it. Not only does this work as free advertising for the company, but it’s a great way for fans to promote their favorite products and brands while still having a comfortable, lightweight piece of fabric to wear. The most popular examples of this style can be seen in Nike, Abercrombie, and other shirts that are monochromatic aside from the company logo.

3. Holes.

What, you may ask? Holes? More people than ever before are wearing tee shirts with holes strategically cut out of them. For the fitness buffs out there, this is a great way to demonstrate exactly how many abs they have built into their stomach. On the other hand, it’s a phenomenal way to draw attention. While the level of appropriateness for public wear is debatable, events held at the beach and places where less clothing is optimal can benefit from this trend.

4. 3D Shirts.

While most shirts are, technically, in the third dimension, 3D shirts are tee shirts with an extra element. For example, a weight loss company may produce a shirt with a plastic spigot on it. This symbolizes the future weight loss of the wearer. While they may not be practical for everyday use, these shirts are sure to make a statement and draw quite a it of attention, if only for their sheer uniqueness.

5. Couples Tees.

What if you could produce a shirt designed for two people to wear? Not only would it make a huge statement, but it would set you apart from the competition. Some companies are designed custom-made shirts for couples. Think a three-legged sack race, but with arms instead of legs.

While these tee shirt designs maybe a bit out of this world, when it comes to marketing and branding, sometimes the more outrageous is the better option.