5 Crazy E-Liquid Flavors to try this Spring

Fortunately, Old Man Winter is relaxing his icy grip and will depart for several glorious months. While you are enjoying the fresh breezes and verdant foliage that spring offers, why not try some new E-Juice blends for vaping. Many of these new flavors are reminiscent of the scents and tastes of warmer weather and of good times. According to an article in the Huffington Post, there are scents that can relax you. You can use them while you are relaxing or going on a road trip. Here are some of the top E-Juice mixes to try:

1. Raspberry Lemonade E-Juice

Nothing is more refreshing on a warm spring day than a cold glass of raspberry lemonade. This E-juice evokes childhood memories of sitting on the porch, sipping lemonade, and visiting with family and friends. It has a tart, lemony taste that is gently infused with the berry sweetness of fresh raspberry flavor. Raspberry Lemonade E-juice is the ideal choice for a spring drive through the country or a relaxing vape on the back porch.

2. Hibiscus Power E-Juice

Flower power is big in vaping; so Hibiscus Power E-Juice will be popular in these warmer months. Are you preparing your garden for this year? Why not enjoy the alluring taste of hibiscus blossoms while you are working. Hibiscus Power E-Juice has an enticing aroma that the people around you will love it, too. This E-Juice is the very essence of spring, sunshine, and fragrant plants. It will inspire you to enjoy the beauty of the world around you.

3. Taste The Rainbow E-Juice

We all know those vividly-colored candies that invite us to “taste the rainbow”! When you try Taste The Rainbow E-Juice, you will get a fruity flavor sensation that makes you feel like you opened a pack of the classic sweets. Each puff is filled with the citrusy tang and goodness that you remembered as a kid in the candy store. Taste The Rainbow E-Juice is a fun vaping experience to brighten your taste buds this spring.

4. Jolly Farmer E-Juice

Your taste buds will have a jolly good time when you try Jolly Farmer E-Juice. This smart combination is patterned after the iconic fruit-flavored hard candies. If you like the buzz of tart fruit, then you will love Jolly Farmer E-Juice. You will get a fresh burst of melons, berries, and other sweet treats courtesy of Mother Nature. This E-Juice is tasty and fun for spring’s everyday vaping.

5. Wild Chamomile E-Juice

For generations, people trusted the lovely chamomile blossoms to calm their nerves in a relaxing tea, says the National Institute of Health.gov. Now, you can experience the gentle calm of wild chamomile in this unusual E-Juice. Herbal vaping juices are gaining popularity among vaping enthusiasts. Try the subtle taste and aroma of Wild Chamomile E-Juice after a hard day’s work or during a reviving spring weekend.