4 Ways to Make Smart Use of High Volume Prints

Printing is an essential part of any marketing plan. From business cards that give leads and business partners your contact information to brochures that highlight your best products or reasons to use your services, every business owner needs to frequently visit their preferred print shop to keep themselves going. High-volumeĀ printing often saves money by reducing the per-item price, but you might be worried about dropping hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get 10,000 or more copies of a document. Here are the best ways to get the savings without wasting money.

Business Cards
If you’ve been in business for a while, then you probably have a rough idea of how many business cards you give out. While it’s good to change the design every one or two years, the truth is that you’ll go through a lot of business cards before making this change. You’ll find that business cards are always great when it comes to high-volume printing as long as you don’t need to change your contact details.

Brochures are trickier, but even these can be great for high-volume printing. There are two strategies here. If you are a big store or service provider and you plan on having a major sale, then printing thousands of brochures is a great way to save money. This allows you to thoroughly canvas the area. The long-term approach is to print brochures that most of your clients will need. For example, brochures about the best reasons to buy your product or what makes your company special really work here. You wouldn’t want to print brochures with specific prices or dated information because they might become obsolete before you run out.

Much like business cards, you’ll be using stationery on a daily basis for your communications. Both envelopes and letterhead are perfect here if you don’t need to change your contact information in the next few years. Just make sure that you use a design that you’re comfortable with. Being a little more conservative is often better due to its enduring appeal.

Postcards are often about timely deals, so initially it might seem like they aren’t a good candidate for high-volume printing. The best postcards for this are reminders or annual discounts. These are fairly generic postcards that you will usually send out once or several times a year per client. You may want a blank backside so that you can print individual details for each client.

High-volume printing gives you a great way to save money if you know how to effectively use it. You just have to focus on items that you’ll be using for years that won’t get old or that can be easily repurposed for each client.