4 Smart Ideas to Increase Donors for Your Fundraiser

Those who are running a nonprofit organization or are looking to raise funds for a good cause may want to consider hosting a fundraising event. The event could be a dinner, an auction or anything else that may compel an individual to spend money. What are some ideas that you can use to increase the number of people who contribute to your cause?

Ask for a Token Amount

Not everyone has $100 or $1,000 laying around to donate to a cause. However, almost everyone can give $1 or $5 without thinking twice. You may even want to offer incentives or rewards to those who decide to give more. For instance, a $5 donation could net the donor a free t-shirt while $10 could get that person an autographed picture.

Apply Subtle Social Pressure

People love to think that they are something larger than themselves. They also don’t want to look like the only ones not in on a hot new trend or the only ones not helping the needy. By mentioning the number of people who have already donated or by identifying friends or family members as fellow donors, you increase the odds of additional contributions.

Take Your Campaign Online

An online campaign makes it easier for donors to share your page, talk about your cause and otherwise provide a buzz around what you are trying to do. Friends can share links through social media or send links through emails sent to friends, family members and colleagues. The best part is that people can donate money anytime that they happen to see your page, which means that you can receive passive donations when you sleep or while you are at your day job.

Get Important People to Recognize Your Fundraising Efforts

Enlisting a local celebrity, a politician or any other influencer to help your cause could result in additional donations. Those who may be important or have connections to others in the world of sports, business or politics may be inclined to give more and give more often. Instead of getting $5 at a time, you could be in line to receive donations of a $1,000 or more from wealthy individuals or their foundations.

Fundraising is not an easy task. You have to be willing to ask strangers for money, and you have to be willing to ask them more than once. With so many different causes and a limited amount of money to give, you have to be creative and stand out to ensure that your cause gets the funding that you think it needs to meet its goals.