4 Places To Use Glass Whiteboards

Glass whiteboards are a popular communication solution for schools, businesses and even homes. They naturally increase focus, participation and collaboration because students and employees become part of the process and conversation, rather than passive listeners.

Meeting Room
Most meetings begin with brainstorming sessions that focus on exploring ideas and problems. For example, graphic designers use glass whiteboards to make sketches based on interactive suggestions. Operational supervisors may use glass whiteboards to document production or maintenance recommendations. Using glass whiteboards to draw or document information with a group saves time and paper. They require minimal technical understanding and limit technical interruptions.

Employee Office
When placed in an employee’s office, glass whiteboards are perfect solutions for managing daily and weekly task lists. Having a visible task list next to a workstation makes it easier to switch gears while also staying on task. It also helps with motivation because everyone can see unfinished and overdue tasks. In offices with ever changing tasks and priorities, magnetic glass whiteboards can be used to physically attach and rearrange pending items, such as faxes, letters, invoices and receipts. This helps to keep now where to file yet. This keeps the clutter off desks while keeping key paperwork easily accessible.

Manager’s Office
Human resource professionals often manage important business functions, such as employee benefits, vacations and legal reminders. When it comes to vacation requests in companies with hundreds of employees, HR professionals must first identify which other employees have already requested leave in order to maintain proper staffing levels. Using a glass whiteboard, they can track employee vacation requests and prevent departments from unexpectedly being short staffed. Managers in manufacturing facilities often use glass whiteboards to schedule daily production runs.

Glass whiteboards can be used for student presentations and teacher training. Interactive glass whiteboards that are connected to the Internet work well for multimedia projects or presentations that involve streaming video and web content. College professors who give complicated lectures on advanced topics can save and print their notes to post online and distribute to students. During technical lectures, glass whiteboards encourage critical thinking because they allow professors to map out advanced concepts. Finally, they also benefit students with special educational needs by displaying bright colors and large fonts.

As a final option, a small glass whiteboard offers a centralized communication solution for large active families. For instance, it serves as a message board for notes, reminders and schedules. This will help parents manage their children’s after school activities, medical appointments and personal commitments. It also useful for tracking to-do tasks and serves as an ongoing grocery list. Additional benefits of glass whiteboards can be explored.