4 Must Have Accessories For Your Retractable Awning

A retractable awning can be a very convenient and enjoyable addition to any house. Although the awning is functional and helpful, you could be getting more out of it. This is why there are so many different awning accessories. Here are four must-have accessories for your retractable awning.

LED Lights

One essential accessory for a retractable awning is light-emitting diode, or LED, lights. These lights can be attached to the front end of the awning or hung in the center. They can pull back with the awning when it retracts without being damaged because they are so compact. Other sets of LED lights are designed to be removed when not in use. The lights provide illumination at night when people are spending time under the awning. They make it easier to see and do things. They also remove the need to have individual porch lights or lamps that must be maintained separately.

Center Brace

Any homeowner who puts up an awning wants it to last for as long as possible. Awnings are not always solid. Some are made from acrylic fabrics that can move and sag. A common problem with these types of retractable awnings is that they can start to capture rain or snow throughout the year. The weight of the rain or snow can start to damage the fabric or even pull the awning away from the home. The accessory that can prevent this is a center brace. This is a solid beam that runs the length of the awning across the center perpendicular to the house. It provides extra support so that water or snow cannot sag the fabric. It retracts simply and folds in with the rest of the awning.

Screens for the Sides

Retractable awnings can make it 20 degrees cooler underneath in the summer. You want to be able to enjoy that time without worrying about pests or flying debris. A must-have accessory is a set of screens for the sides of the awning. These are mesh screens that hang down from the edge of the awning and touch the ground. They can keep mosquitoes, leaves and dirt out the area underneath the awning. They also provide a little extra privacy since they block the view from certain angles. The mesh screens can be quickly attached and removed from the retractable awning as needed.

Retractable Awning Cover

A final accessory you must have is a retractable awning cover. With the country spending $300 billion on home renovations each year, you want to protect your investment. An awning cover is a durable piece of flexible material that is designed to fit over the awning when it is fully retracted. You put the cover on at the end of the day. It will protect the retracted awning from many different problems like pests and the elements. It can greatly extend the life of your awning.