4 Mishaps To Plan For When Moving During The Winter

Thousands of people move during the winter every year for numerous reasons. This can be challenging because of dangerous weather conditions and icy roads. There are common mishaps that occur during a lot of winder moves. You can prepare for these by following the suggestions below.

If you live in an area where snow and ice are common in the winter, you must take additional precautions to prevent your furnishings and boxes from become wet and damaged. The best way to prevent this is by using waterproof packaging materials such as plastic bins, plastic bags, bubble wrap and mattress bags. Be especially careful with any electronic items. It is a good idea to seal them in plastic prior to placing them in a plastic bin for added protection. This includes all of your cords and cables as well. Keeping everything dry will prevent a serious mishap.

Remember the smaller and back roads are often closed during the winter. Plan your route in advance and have at least one back up route. Keep to the main roads as much as possible because they will be the first to be cleared. Take your vehicle to your mechanic prior to the move to ensure there are no issues. Consider having winter tires installed on your vehicle because they provide much better traction when you are driving on snow or ice. In case you should become stuck or your vehicle breaks down, there are numerous items you should have packed in your vehicle. This includes a first aid kit, emergency flashlight, extra batteries, gloves, hats, blankets, shovels, snacks, bottled water, a windshield scraper, road salt and a cell phone charger.

To help prevent any potential accidents, shovel your driveway, stairs, sidewalk and front porch. Any steps or pathways with the potential for becoming slippery should be salted. Protect the entryway and floors with flat cardboard boxes or a plastic film. This will help prevent icy slush from getting into your home. If the floor becomes slippery, it is easy to fall. This is especially true if you are carrying boxes.

It is important to remember the days are shorter during the winter. Start moving as soon as the sun has risen. This will provide you with the longest possible length of daylight. It is easier to have an accident in the dark. Protect your health as much as possible by dressing warmly including warm gloves, hats, scarves and coats. Snow boots are important because they will not only keep your feet warm, they will provide better traction. It is a good idea to pack a thermos with something hot such as coffee or hot cocoa.

Following the above tips will help ensure you have a safe move without any mishaps or accidents.