4 Ideas On How To Get Kids Involved In The Moving Process

Moving day can be an unwelcome event for many children. The prospect of leaving their friends, schools, and favorite neighborhood hangout can sometimes be devastating. There are many ways of making moving day a more anticipated day that the kids can actually enjoy. Parents can help them look forward to changing schools and making new friends. If the move is not out of the city or state, with all of the technologies available to them, they can keep in contact with old friends and make plans to meet regularly. Getting them involved in the moving process will make them have a better outlook on the move. There are ways to get them moving.

  • Allow your kids to be a part of the house hunting. Get their input on houses and apartments that they like. They can also give some insight into the neighborhood that they would consider. Learn something about their choices in living by letting them accompany you when looking for a house or apartment, and let them check the listings with you. This will increase their enthusiasm.
  • Let the kids have fun going through their things to decide what to keep and what can be donated. This way, they get to decide what things to take with them that would bring less clutter to their closets, and possibly make room for new things.
  • Once the new location is determined, let the kids map out how they want their new room set up. Draw an outline of their room and have them put things where they want them. This includes the furniture and other decorative items. They can also decide on whether or not they want to change their color scheme that they are using now.
  • One task that parents may not want to do is cleaning out the pantry. This can be fun for kids because they can finally get rid of the one thing that they did not like. Have them make boxes for old and expired food, and one for foods to be donated to a food pantry. This includes foods like cereal, noodles, soups, and bread, all unopened. You will find that they will only take the good stuff with them.

Allowing the kids to take part in various aspects of the move will make them feel that there are no surprises for them to encounter. Taking them to visit the new schools is also an important issue to overcome. They will have a general idea of what the people are like, and can even obtain the school schedule and calendar at this time. Involving the kids in a move is not as difficult as most parents may think