4 Effective Ways to Bug-Proof Your Home

If there is one thing that makes even the most temperate and lovely indoor area difficult to enjoy, it is bugs. Sometimes it can seem like bugs are everywhere people are, especially when it gets warm and humid outside.

If you are starting to feel hopeless about ever being able to truly bug-proof your home, learn about four expert-endorsed effective bug-proofing strategies in this post.

Strategy #1: Seal everything you can seal.
Bugs are surprisingly adept at finding little cracks, crevices and crannies to sneak into. So the first thing you want to do is to seal up all of those cracks. This includes re-sealing the weatherstrips on your windows and doorways, sealing crawlspaces in attics, fixing tears in screen doors and window screens and sealing around utility meters, vents and any outlet (such as near your HVAC unit) that leads to the inside of your home.

By sealing the bugs’ entryways, you will be able to achieve much better control over your indoor bug population.

Strategy #2: Clear out all the clutter.
Whether it is the firewood piled in the storage shed out back or the extra shingles stacked in the garage, bugs love clutter. To a bug, a cluttered pile of stuff is a safe haven, a place to live and eat and breed and guard a family.

By clearing out weeds, debris, trash, extra materials and even pools of standing water, you can discourage bugs from making their home on or in yours.

Strategy #3: Clean, clean, clean.
Your indoor trash can quickly become a handy home for bugs that have made it inside. By taking out your trash at least once per day and keeping the entire area around your trash receptacles clean and dry, bugs will have less incentive to gather there. The same holds true for the rest of your home. The cleaner your house is, the fewer places there will be for bugs to hide and set up shop.

This also holds true for moisture (such as humidity in the air) and standing water (such as in plants or water fixtures such as fountains). A drier atmosphere is one that is less hospitable to bugs.

Strategy #4: Use nature against the bugs.
Ants won’t cross a line when the mint herb or natural cinnamon has been placed there. Mix sugar and borax and any bug happening across it (which will be most bugs, since they love sweets) will die on contact. Vinegar spray is a great way to repel bugs too.

By using these home strategies, you will be on your way to bug-proofing your home and it won’t cost you anything but your time and some creative ingenuity!