3 Signs It’s Time To Diversify Your Wardrobe

Sadly, clothes don’t last forever. And this isn’t true only in the sense that they break down and get worn out over time. Even the most stylish ensembles and pieces will fall out of fashion in due time, leaving you with an outdated wardrobe that you no longer feel confident in.

Clothes and accessories can become stale and dull even independently of the rise and fall of trends. Even timeless classics can become stale when you’ve owned them for a long time. It’s just a matter of being personally tired of what’s been sitting in your closet for a while. Many of us feel guilty about throwing out perfectly good clothes, even if we don’t like them anymore. Here are three indications that it’s time to revamp your wardrobe and get some fresh new things.

1. You’re Always Jealous of Other People’s Looks

If you’re always casting envious glances at other people’s outfits, it may be a sign you should bite the bullet and try out those styles for yourself. This is especially liable to happen if you’ve had the same clothing style for many years. Many people find that their sense of personal identity, and thus by extension, their sense of style evolves over the years.

There’s no reason to only admire different looks from a distance. Start incorporating items with different aesthetics gradually into your wardrobe to get a feel of what works for you.

2. You Feel Out of Place Regularly

Maybe your clothes and accessories work for you for the most part. But, when there isn’t enough diversity in your wardrobe, you might find that when you try to get dressed for certain events and activities, nothing quite feels right. Perhaps you’ve never had quite enough variety of clothes to cover every situation, or perhaps you used to but now your lifestyle, career, or hobbies have changed.

Whatever the case is, start by evaluating whether you have enough variety of clothes for each area of your life: Career, social events, past-times, et cetera. When you’ve identified which situations your current outfits seem to fall short, you can start buying new items specifically for those situations.

3. Nothing Has That Spark Anymore

One sign you should never ignore is the simple feeling of boredom when you go to put together your outfits. This is a sure sign you need more variety. Ideally, you should actively enjoy your wardrobe rather than just tolerate it.

Try adding small pieces to your wardrobe such as belts, gloves, interesting tights, hair accessories, and different jewelry. This is an inexpensive way to add a whole lot more possibility to your wardrobe.