3 Creative Ways To Update Your Kitchen With Tile

If you are tired of looking at your outdated kitchen, but don’t have a lot of money to invest in remodeling it, you may want to consider incorporating tile to spice things up. Tile is an inexpensive way to add modern flair without breaking the bank, and it is fairly simple to learn how to install it. Here are three creative ways you can use tile to update your kitchen.


  1. Create a new backsplash on the wall behind the stove and the sink. Not only will this look sleek and updated, it also allows for quick and easy clean up. Put in neutral colored tile for a simple and clean look, or go for the extra flair by selecting several different kinds of tile. This is a fun and colorful way to add lots of spice to the kitchen, and can be a great conversation piece for guests. You won’t need a lot of tile to do this and can often find left over, discounted tile at home improvement stores.
  2. Everyone loves the luxurious look of marble and granite countertops, however, they are quite expensive. You can achieve a similar look without that enormous expense by selecting tiles that have a similar look and feel. Take a walk through your local home improvement store to get an idea of what would work best for your d├ęcor. There are several sites online that will show you how to install the countertops, however you may want to have the assistance of an experienced mason for this project because, you will likely need to cut the tile around sinks and stoves.
  3. If you have the room in your kitchen, consider making your own small island. There are several DIY plans online that offer really good tips on how to make one. Islands are fun and functional, adding storage, more counter space, and put on rollers, they can even be tucked away. Think about getting creative with the color you choose for the island. Incorporate a pop of bright colored tile to the surface, making the island the accent in your kitchen. This allows you to keep the kitchen looking clean and neat while still being a bit edgy.

Tile is a fantastic material for easy and creative ways to pep up your kitchen. You can either install it permanently on surfaces, or purchase various sized tile for use as coasters, pizza stones, and trivets. By utilizing tile in nonpermanent ways, you have the option for continual update of color and functionality in your kitchen.